Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 3, 10/11 by Estelle Roberts

When, at last, the day arrived for me to have my sitting with Mrs. Roberts, it proved to be a red-letter-day in my life. Red Cloud told me all the details of my earlier sufferings, and went on to say; ‘All your joints are rusty, and that is what is causing the pain. I will help you, if you have faith in God and will do as I tell you.’ Naturally I promised this, and I have never regretted the promise I made, or looked back for a moment.

Red Cloud asked me if I could have treatment in London under his guidance, but as this was impossible for me owing to the fact that I was living in Leicestershire, he told me to have one treatment before I left London and he would then give me treatment every night when I was asleep.

Red Cloud then spoke to me of many family matters, naming my dear ones in the spirit world, and telling me of many private family matters connected with them when alive. All these details were correct. And I would mention here that when booking my sitting in October I did not give the name of Cunliffe-Owen. There was therefore no chance of the medium knowing even my name, less still of making inquiries concerning my family!

All my swellings, aches and pains gradually subsided, but I began to have pains in the small of my back. When these continued I felt they might be connected with my treatment, so I went to London to have another sitting with Mrs. Roberts.

Red Cloud at once told me that he was sorry that he had been obliged to make me suffer pain in my back, but that he was getting rid of the uric acid through my kidneys, which, to may ‘lay’ mind, sounded feasible and common sense. There were many outward signs that this was the case. In connection with this, a very private remark, made on the subject,

to my tried and faithful maid of thirty years’ standing, was repeated to me by Red Cloud verbatim, even to mentioning my maid’s name. Red Cloud informed me that the pains in my back would go, and they did. He also informed me that I should have no more violent headaches after three days had elapsed, and these too disappeared and I have had no more since.

On one occasion while on holiday I walked too much, and my maid rubbed my back night and morning for two days. The next night, while awake, I heard a voice say:
‘Do not let Hoare rub your back, it is dangerous.’

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