Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 3, 11/11 by Estelle Roberts

At my next sitting with Red Cloud he said to me: ‘I am glad you heard me when you were abroad; I told you not to let Hoare rub your back because it was dangerous. ‘You see, dear child, you do not look old, you do not feel old, but your internal organs are old, and your kidneys are inclined to be flabby. Any massage, in consequence, is dangerous, and might lead to serious trouble.’

Red Cloud can see in the human body what no human eye can possibly see. Tenderly and lovingly, he gave me daily treatments and simple instructions, which I carried out to the letter; the result being that now, thirteen months after my first treatment, I am completely cured of rheumatoid arthritis.
My knees, which had been six inches larger than their normal size, are quite normal again now. My stiff, rusty joints are now all quite painless, and I am told that I look twenty years younger than I did ten years ago. And however true this may or may not be, the fact remains that now I can walk and get about in the usual healthy way.

What electrical treatments (which were useless in my case), vaccines, and all earthly remedies had failed to accomplish, Red Cloud as God’s agent, had accomplished.

Before I knew of Red Cloud, I was repeatedly told that I should never be cured, but would steadily get worse. I am sure that God guided me to Red Cloud, and under his wise and loving care I am cured. Whenever I have thanked Red Cloud for what he has done for me he has always replied: ‘My child, do not thank me;

thank God Almighty, the Master, whom I serve.’ Since I have known Red Cloud my faith and gratitude to God have increased a thousandfold, and I shall never cease to be thankful that I was permitted to get in touch with his messenger – Red Cloud.

I hope and pray that these words may help other sufferers, proving to them that “To God, nothing is impossible,’ and that God in his great mercy allows this wondrous spirit physician to help and heal us poor mortals if we have sufficient faith.”

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