7 Principles

The Seven Principles of Spiritualism

1. Infinite Spirit, Divine Creator of All That Is

2. Unity and Equality of All

3. Communication, Guidance and Healing from Spirit and Angels

4. Continuous Existence of the Soul and its Personality

5. Personal Responsibility for the Creation of our Reality through Thought, Word and Deed

6. Actions create results according to Natural Law

7. Eternal Progress open to Every Soul

The Seven Principles are the basic beliefs of Spiritualism. Their scope, their simplicity, are guidelines for developing a personal philosophy of life. Each individual is able to understand their meaning and recognize their truth according to their experience and level of development.

The Second Principle promotes The Golden Rule:

The Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have them
do unto you”

There are many definitions of religion, but they all have the similarities of faith and belief. They all have a version of the Golden Rule – most of us had our parents at some time or another say a version of it to us, “Don’t stick your tongue out at them. If you don’t want them to do it to you, you shouldn’t do it to them.” Adopting this rule as a personal belief is a wonderful step in paving the journey of Spiritualism.

Spiritualism as a Religion

Spiritualism becomes a religion when a person begins to live the 7 Principals and adopts the Golden Rule.

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