Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 3, 9/11 by Estelle Roberts

The skeptic’s among my readers, if they have read this far, will doubtlessly be saying that the healer is the wrong person to be recounting such stories of miraculous cures – that it is the testimony of the “healed,” not of the healer,

that they want to hear. And so they shall. The words comprising the paragraphs which follow are not mine but were written and published some years ago by Mrs. Emma Cunliffe-Owen, O.B.E. They call for no comment from me.

“Words fail me in trying to express the deep gratitude to God Almighty and to Red Cloud for all the wonderful help and protection I have received, and in being cured of rheumatoid arthritis. Red Cloud’s extraordinary knowledge of all medical matters, and his forceful, clear explanations in all details relating to the disease of both mind and body, are beyond words.

His loving guidance and teachings of God’s holy will are the greatest help to those in trouble and who have faith in God. Red Cloud’s chief aim and object is, apparently, to make us human beings realize more fully that ‘To God, nothing is impossible; and to do unto others as we would they should do unto us.’

Red Cloud, the great spirit physician, is continuing his work for our heavenly Father here on this earth, curing and helping both soul and body. Wisely, tenderly, Red Cloud guides and leads those who need him, and who will listen to his voice; his spiritual work is neverending.

As a young girl I was full of uric acid, and continually suffered from rheumatism and so called gout. Later, I had a very serious illness, septic pneumonia in both lungs, and phlebitis in four veins. Then a recurrence of some poison in my system revived the rheumatism, and all medical remedies failing me I determined to get in touch with Mrs. Estelle Roberts’ control, Red Cloud, who, I understood, was a spirit doctor.

I applied at the Marylebone Spiritualist Association for a sitting with Mrs. Estelle Roberts in the October, only to be told that the demands on this lady’s time were so great that I could not have a sitting with her until the following January 3rd. I demurred, saying, ‘Suppose that I am not alive in January?’ The reply was, ‘You need not fear: we should not be allowed to give you an appointment if there was any likelihood of your being on the Other Side then.’

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