Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 3, 7/11 by Estelle Roberts

The voice, too, was completely different. It had dropped several tones, and the words it now uttered belonged to the gutter. With bold effrontery the creature sprawled into a chair and dared me to take a step forward. Offering dire threats of injury if I did not obey his commands, he boasted of this strength and his determination to manifest in the girl’s body whenever he felt so disposed.

I have been thought never to fear the unknown. With absolute certainty I knew that Red Cloud was with me at that moment and I could have asked for no greater champion. As I began to advance on the intruder I was met with a volley of oaths and obscenities. I told him he must forsake the girl’s body for all time.

At this he screamed further threats of violence but made no move to carry them out. He just sprawled in the chair, his mouth slack and wet, his eyes furtive and frightened. I came to where he was sitting and now, under Red Cloud’s guidance, placed my two hands on the creature’s forehead. The cry this action produced can be described only as a scream of terror,

followed by sobbing entreaties to leave him alone. Again I urged him to leave the girl’s body. Again he refused. I felt my hand beginning to move under some gentle compulsion until the thumbs met in the middle of the forehead and the fingers, stretched to their fullest extent, curved round the head and partially encircled it.

Again came the cry of terror, followed by the frightening sobs. Then came silence, broken a few minutes later, by the voice of Red Cloud breaking into my consciousness with the words: “All is over. He will return no more.” With the entity’s departure, the girl quickly returned to normal, never again to undergo a repetition of the ordeal she had suffered.

Not all healing cases are accomplished with spectacular speed; in some instances it takes months and even years to effect a cure.

Even so they are none the less remarkable, because they are mostly the cases in which all other remedies have been tried and have failed. The unfortunate sufferers come to spirit healing as a last-ditch resort, without real hope but ready to try anything. The percentage of such cures is hearteningly high, but they take longer to effect.

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