Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 3, 6/11 by Estelle Roberts

“That’s all we came for,” he said, turning to me, “that and to say thank you. I owe you more than I can ever repay. I want you to know that I am grateful.”

When they had gone I thought about these two young people, so obviously adoring each other. It was pleasant to feel that I had played some part in making their happiness possible, especially when they had taken the trouble to come and tell me so.

I recall another case of obsession in which the cure was rather more drastic. It concerns a girl of twenty-three who was obsessed by a male entity. She would be perfectly normal for some weeks and then the invading spirit would suddenly take possession of her with distressing and startling results.

The difficulty in dealing with intermittent attacks of this sort is how to be on hand when one takes place. Since the attacks are unpredictable one can only arrange to spend as much time as possible with the afflicted person and await results.

A plan was arranged so that I could keep her under observation or be quickly available when needed. I soon discovered her to be an intelligent and charming companion. She was apparently so healthy and normal that it seemed we might share each other’s society for a very long time before her obsession was again ready to show himself. He manifested, however, within a few hours.

During our morning together we talked on many subjects. In the afternoon we went for a walk, arriving in time back for tea. We went upstairs to my room, I leading the way and chatting inconsequentially over my shoulder. As I opened the door I saw that someone had placed a lovely bowl of violets on my table. I hurried over to them, exclaiming: “Just look! Aren’t they perfect?” Naturally I expected her to respond in equally glowing terms.

No reply came. Suddenly, remembering the reason for her presence, I glanced quickly over my shoulder to see what she was doing. I was astounded by the transformation that confronted me. The pleasant-faced girl with whom I had spent the past four hours had in some Jekyll-and-Hyde metamorphosis changed into a course featured, full-mouthed man.

It is difficult to explain. The features were as was before, yet different in some indefinable way. They had strengthened and hardened, their femininity replaced by something entirely masculine. There could not be the slightest doubt that it was a man who glared from those formerly gentle eyes.

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