Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 3, 4/11 by Estelle Roberts

I need hardly add that possession of the piece of bone was promptly claimed by the doctor. It was his only proof that the “operation” had indeed taken place. He submitted the little chip to every test that he and medical friends could devise. It passed them all, being definitely established as human bone.

Whether it was a splinter from one of the spinal vertebrae, however, could not be stated with the same degree of certainty though all those who examined it and were qualified to express an opinion were unanimous in believing that it was. I have had several visits from this ex-patient, Mrs. Haining, she now lives at Bournemouth and has resumed her nursing by looking after elderly people.

Another case of healing I recall is that of David Short, a three year-old boy, whose mother implored me to see if there was anything that could be done. Suffering from pneumonia and gastro-enteritis, he was being kept alive on a diet of glucose and water, as he could keep no other food down.

My daughter Iris went with me and when we arrived at the house the boy was clearly very ill. I placed my hands on his body while Iris held his head, and for half an hour gave him healing from Red Cloud. Then I suggested he should be offered a little food. He took it readily, almost greedily, and to our delight was able to retain it. He became noticeably less restless and finally fell asleep.

The doctor called later that evening and was surprised to find the boy in a deep, natural sleep, with his breathing greatly improved. I think he feared that he might not find him alive. This sudden turn for the better was completely unexpected.

Iris and I went to the house to renew the healing on three consecutive days, and it was wonderful to watch the child’s response. We could see him gathering strength from the treatment. His recovery was complete. As a mark of gratitude he brings me a bunch of flowers every year on my birthday.

Spiritual healing can be effective in some cases of mental sickness. I remember an interesting instance in which a young man was the subject of a dreadful obsession. Normally he was a person of charm and accomplishment, but he had periods when he was overcome by an almost irresistible desire to kill his mother.

The climax came when he was discovered making his way to her room with the fixed intention of taking her life. Something obviously had to be done, and I was approached to give what help I could. I arranged for a sitting of my group members and invited the young man to attend. Red Cloud controlled me in a deep trance and addressed himself to the young man.

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