Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 3, 3/11 by Estelle Roberts

Red Cloud has a band of spirit helpers which includes some who were doctors on earth. One of them is Sir Morell Mackenzie, whose photograph stands on my mantelpiece. The portrait was given to me by Sir Morrell’s grandson, whose acquaintance I first made when he came to see me and was bubbling over with indignation.

He had come, he said, “to scotch all the nonsense” about his grandfather being one of Red Cloud’s spirit helpers. We talked for a long while and when we parted we had formed a friendship that persisted until his death.

Through my mediumship, Red Cloud and Sir Morrel Mackenzie performed a remarkable “operation” on a young woman, a nurse, who came for healing. She had had an accident at an earlier date and now complained of pain in her spine which obstinately refused to yield to medical treatment. Sitting with me in the circle were several psychic healers.

Also present was a doctor who was inquiring into this form of healing. We placed the patient on a table and Red Cloud diagnosed that the pain was cause by a splinter of bone. Acting through me while I was in deep trance, Red Cloud first sent the nurse to sleep-by placing my hand on her head. She became unconscious almost immediately. No form of hypnotism or auto-suggestion was used.

The doctor examined her and, deeply impressed, said, “For the sake of humanity, show me how to do this, Red Cloud.”
The guide replied: “No, my son. Such power can take life as readily as it saves it, leaving no trance of how death occurred. In the hands of the wicked it would be an evil thing. For this reason I will not show you.”

Through my hands he began gently to massage the women’s back until there appeared in my right hand a small piece of bone. This, Red Cloud told the group, was the cause of pain. The doctor almost snatched it from my hand in his eagerness to examine it. Then, after a quick scrutiny of the bone-chip, he turned to the patient and made a careful search of her spine for some trace of scar or puncture through which the bone could have passed. There was none.

A few minutes later the nurse regained consciousness. She sat up and bent experimentally first in one direction, then in another. The pain had completely disappeared. It is now more than twenty years since this happened. I saw the nurse again about two years afterwards, and she told me the pain had never returned.

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