Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 2, 13/14 by Estelle Roberts

The guide replied: “I cannot cure her, for the disease is too far advanced, but I will stop the pain.”
The doctor could hardly get back to the hospital to see if this promise had been kept. When he arrived, he found that Red Cloud had been as good as his word. The girl was free from all pain and continued to have no suffering right up to the time she eventually died.

It is no wonder that Dr. Gordon Moore became completely convinced of Red Cloud’s existence. More than twenty years later, he became a victim to cancer. Red Cloud said he would tell him when his final earthly hour was approaching, promised to help his passing into the next world. Again Red Cloud kept his word, telling us he was standing by for this great event. Twenty-one hours later the doctor passed over.

Another strange incident concerns the man who was then president of the Marylebone Spiritualist Association. He came to me because he said that he had an interesting story to relate. He told me how a stranger had come to the officers of the Association and had insisted on speaking to him in person.

The visitor said he had come to seek out a wellknown medium whose name he had forgotten. Could the president help him to remember? The official was only too ready to assist and reeled off a string of names, mine included.

“Ah,” said the man, “is she a lady with black hair and dark, very bright eyes?” The president agreed I had the features described. The visitor then gave a clearly recognizable description of myself. The official asked him in surprise: “Do you not know her, then?”

The man shook his head. “No,” he said, “but I have just come from Africa. There I lived for months with a primitive tribe who know little of white men or of the civilized world. Yet they told me. ‘When you go back to England you must find the Lady Estelle. She is the one who will help you.’”

Answering further questions the man stated that many of this tribe were accomplished mediums. He believed they must have heard of my name through the spirit world. This opinion is confirmed by Red Cloud, who says that though the white races have made many advances in civilization, the primitive African leads in his understanding of psychic laws.

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