Fifty Years a Medium – Chapter 2, 12/14 by Estelle Roberts

I remember he once came to a public meeting at the Aeolian Hall, where, for a time, I demonstrated clairvoyance on Saturdays. One Steward, Nicknamed “Twiggy,” was a Cockney of the best type. King George asked my daughter, Iris, for a seat in the balcony. She, unable to leave her post at the door, called to “Twiggy” to conduct him there, without mentioning the Sovereign’s identity. When “Twiggy” returned, Iris asked him if he had found the visitor a seat.

“Yes,” said “Twiggy” complacently, “and I gave ‘I’m an acid drop.”
“Good gracious!” said the horrified Iris. “Did he take one?” “He did. Several!”

The King also attended the opening of the House of Red Cloud, in a lovely old building in Wimbledon, formerly the residence of Mr. Justice Hill. In October 1934 it was dedicated to healing the sick and for demonstrations of my psychic gifts. It also became the headquarters from which many huge Spiritualist meetings were organized in London and the provinces.

They included those held in conjunction with the Sunday Pictorial and a campaign sponsored by the Daily Sketch. Much valuable work was done there until 1941 when, bombed out of my home in Esher, I went to the West Country to live, closing the doors of the House of Red Cloud behind me.

The opening ceremony of the house of Red Cloud was performed by Mrs. Gordon Moore in the presence of King George of Greece, Mr. Hannen Swaffer, Rose, Marchioness of Headford, Shaw Desmond, and many other notabilities. Mrs. Gordon Moore was accompanied by her husband, who was physician to Princess Beatrice, whose sister, Princess Marie Louise, was interested in spirit healing and had received treatment from Harry Edwards.

Princess Marie Louise frequently sent requests and questions to Red Cloud through Dr. Gordon Moore, who conveyed the answers to her. On more than one occasion Red Cloud sent messages to the Princess from people in the spirit world whom she was able positively to identify yet who were quite unknown to me.

For some long time Dr. Gordon Moore was far from convinced of the truth of Survival, or of the existence of Red Cloud. He accompanied his wife on one of her visits to Red Cloud, and decided to put Red Cloud to the test. He had been much distressed by seeing the suffering of a young housemaid in his own household who was dying with cancer. “If you can stop the suffering of this girl, I will believe,” he said to Red Cloud.

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