Isochronic Tones 10.2 Hz – Encourages Improved Memory, Calmness, Restfulness, Reduced Anxiety

Isochronic tones are single frequency tones that go on and off at intervals that are evenly spaced. Using brief intervals, a rhythmic pulse is created. Often these sounds are set into other sounds, music or nature sounds for example. Many people find listening to pure Isochronic tones boring or difficult. Thus, embedding them in other sounds make listening to them more pleasing to our sense of sound.

Our brainwaves tend to join in sync with these tones as we listen to them. Tones in the alpha wave range have been determined to encourage a calm, restful, anxiety reduced state of mind. The alpha range varies from 8 Hz to 12 Hz. Isochronic 10.2 Hz tones have been known to increase memory function after listening to it for 31 minutes. Frequent listening  to 10.12 Hz rhythmic pulses may increase on-going memory function.

The audio in this video starts at 8 Hz and increases every 30 seconds until it reaches 10.2 Hz beginning at the 3 minute mark. Headphones are not necessary to reap the benefits of listening to Isochronic tones.

We hope you find these Isochronic tones combined with relaxing music enjoyable and useful.

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