Spiritual Affirmations II – Auditory & Subliminal – Waterfall Nature

Often people like a little reassurance, insurance or support on their journey through life. Sometimes a person might want a little bit of an edge at attaining a goal or goals.

Affirmations, positive phrases helpful to attaining a goal, can aid with this. Repetition of affirmations both audible and subliminal reinforce the concepts and path they are intended to help us along.

The Spiritual Affirmations II video contains audible levels of the affirmations that are layered on top of subliminal versions of those same Spiritual affirmations.

Here are the affirmations this video contains:

I take responsibility for my Spiritual growth

I tread the path of enlightenment

I choose the light

I tap into source energy as I wish

Eternal progress is open to my soul

I am connected to the universe

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