Spiritualism’s 5th & 7th Principals state:

We believe in:

Responsibility for the Creation of our Reality through Thought, Word and Deed

Eternal Progress open to Every Soul

Responsibility and progress are wonderful paths to follow. Sometimes people would like a little reassurance, insurance or support on their journey through life and their path of Spiritualism. Achieving our goals is important. Using tools can give a person an edge at attaining a goal or goals.

Affirmations, positive phrases helpful to attaining a goal, can aid with this. Repetition of affirmations written, audible, and subliminal may reinforce the concepts and path they are intended to help us along.

The more senses we use to absorb positive information, the more we can instill it in ourselves, the deeper we can instill it. Reading affirmations silently to ourselves is good, however, reading them out loud or whispering them to ourselves is even better. Reading out loud or whispering involves more senses. Seeing the affirmations uses our eyes, speaking them uses our our vocal system, and hearing them involves our ears.

Many people place written or printed versions of affirmations in areas that they often look. For instance, beside mirrors or on door frames or doors. This way they can be seen and read frequently.

Frequent repetition of affirmations helps instill the concepts they represent deeper and firmer in us. Using various methods of absorbing the affirmations is also thought to be beneficial. There is strong belief that subliminal affirmations can by-pass the conscious mind and enter the unconscious mind, instilling a greater acceptance of the positive messages within us.

It is helpful not to overload ourselves with too many affirmations at the same time and to make sure that the affirmations do not clash or contradict each other. Using six, seven, or less at a time I find most optimal.

Listed below are a number of Spiritually intentioned affirmations.

I tread the path of enlightenment

Eternal progress is open to my soul

I release all fear

I release all pain

I release the past

I release all blocks

I choose the light

I take responsibility for my Spiritual growth

I tap into source energy as I wish

I am connected to the universe

May you employ, enjoy and find useful the Spiritual Affirmations listed here.

Love & Light


Spiritual Affirmations II – Auditory & Subliminal – Waterfall Nature

Spiritual Affirmations 1 – Audio & Subliminal – Waterfall Nature

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